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The post refers to my likes and dislikes. I will not heal a PVP geared tank or DPS. I don't ask them to leave the group, nor do I instigate a vote to kick. I tell them "I don't heal PVP geared tanks and DPS". I then quit the group. I have 2 healers and 3 DPS ( all campaign and better). When I leave 1 group...I re log and rinse and repeat. As for tionese geared players...they tend to try harder and wipe less. For all the healers who will heal the geared impaired...God bless you.
It's certainly your prerogative to do so. If you feel that it's the principle that no player should bring PvP gear to PvE content then by all means. However, as someone who has healed just about all content and after having researched the viability of PvP gear in PvE environments, I will obviously still choose the most competent player whenever possible but I will not shoo away a person just because he is wearing PvP gear that roughly matches the gear required for the content. If you claim that you don't want a challenge then, gear wise, bringing a War Hero player is significantly better than a Tionese player on all counts including Health and overall damage.
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