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Super Goomba Bros


Nochance here, infil shadow, former officer.

I know some SuperGoombaBros still play but have switched to imp side. As a whole we (main RWZ team) quit around 5/15/12. Few of us have just within the past few weeks relogged including myself. I doubt we will rwz teams anytime soon. We are more or less testing the waters and goofing off and trying crazy things in NWZs. I hope PKers and MeowMx come back, they were great and fun to play against.
I swapped to LoL a little after RWZ came out but the only fun I had in RWZ was when i played the guilds i listed or played with them. MoX is majority PvE so I'd play with other guilds mostly with sexyman, seaweed, twitch, mast and co.

I played pvp today and cringe. I couldn't find one decent mara/pt that I didn't run circles around as a sorc. Granted it was just regulars back when RWZ hit normals were semi ok.