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01.24.2013 , 11:24 PM | #15
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As much as I would like 7.5 to 8k chain lightnings I will have to say this is a bit broken
u mean if you add the second strike for 30%

lemme think.. currently CL tops out around 3.4k as hybrid.. 3.8k as hybrid with the 10% aoe buff

full lightning CL with the 50% crit boost is critting about what? 4.5k max? + 1300 of a second strike would be 5800

idk man but if smash can hit multiple targets for 7k we should at least get a single target ability then capable of such.

maybe instead just bring thunderblast to crit upwards of 6.5k, slow/root the target and apply the debuff for lightning strike

to me, if we're standing still and hard casting abilities there should be a payoff