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Hi everyone,

In this thread, please let us know what you think the best solution will be for your servers. I know there have been many suggestions already, but I would like to collect the most current ideas for us to consider. After that, our team will review and discuss what is feasible and what makes the most sense to do. Please remember to follow all forum rules and be respectful of each otherís ideas, even if you disagree with it.

Thank you all, and we look forward to your ideas.
I can't stay anything different that hasn't already been said but I think the 3 realm merge is the best solution because the population on the pvp realm is almost dead and RP-PVE realm seems to say standard population but if you go in it looks like it has half the pop of dalborra PVE which seems to be the only realm that has just enough but it can always be better so to solve the problem with all three is a hybrid realm that has environment of all three types PVE RP and PVP.

now in times of PVE and RP the only difference between these two is that RP have stricter names which isn't really needed as most people who like to play a role after a name of character in movie or game or whatever they usually do so in any type of realm and RP also have language resections which is what the chat filter is for and if they are talking about sex or drugs people would kick them from the grp anyway

PVP realm in terms of PVP type environment why not make the "Toggle PVP" command a command that gives the players with it switch on the same pvp realm rules as the PVP realm and the pvp players would have yellow or light green name for their character and won't interrupt the PVE players that wish to keep it off

Server transfers is not going to solve the Asia server at all just going to make it worst and alot of hard core players who are on these realms want this server to stay for the low latency as i ve tried US realms such as "The Harbridger" and i get 200-300 ms and in high populated areas there is noticeable lag but not too bad. So server transfers would be a bad idea. Also having one realms means only one realms to maintenance and work out all the bugs for each week .

server transfers from US to this Hybrid realm would be a good idea to see if that will bring more population to Asia realm as there are few US players on the realms already and if there a enough it might be enough for two to three realms for the future

now in terms of new players i agree that there needs to be a advertisement complain in Australia and NZ to attract new players if you want more players to fill the more population for the options for two PVE and PVP realm for future

I hope you take my testament into consideration as you make your decision

May The Force Be With You.