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01.24.2013 , 10:11 PM | #65
Vette: Obnoxious and annoying, I wanted nothing more then to force choke her and throw her out of the airlock.

Ashara: Too wimpy and ineffective, for some reason she comes across as incredibly whiny and annoying rather then the naive innocence I think they were trying to go for, I don't like that you can't corrupt her to the dark side at all.

Jorgan: No specific reason, I just find him grating whenever he complains about my dark side choices. I can honestly picture my trooper constantly turning to him and going "shut up jorgan!"

I am not a fan of sergeant rusk, I believe it would have been better to switch rusk with jorgan, jorgan seems like a better fit with the jedi knight while Rusk's victory at all costs and pragmatism makes him a good match to my dark side trooper. I loved all the BH and smuggler companions but I haven't played Consular yet so I can't comment.
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