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Lanser walked through camp Overlook with the Sith he had been told to get for the mission. He did not usually work with sith but this time the Order requested her "expertise". He was very high in the Oder of Revan and knew at this point not to question orders on this delicate of a mission. The Order told the Republic to acquire an elite team to assit them in capturing a sith but Lanser would have to fully explain the mission when they were all assembled.

He noticed the Republic officer, hand picked by the Order because they know he can be trusted. Lanser felt that he could arrange the mission himself but they were sure he could be trusted. The two made their way to the Captain , who immediately introduced himself.

Lanser: Hello, I am Lanser, the Revanite.

Captain Orkin: AH yes you are leading this mission. the shuttle is fueled and ready to fly on your orders, sir.

Lanser: Excellent we will leave as soon as the others arrive.

Lanser turned to Sabrina waiting for her to introduce herself to the officer.
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