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(Ok here we go. I'm starting with Sabrina and i arriving at the camp Then the other will come shortly after. EVENTS will mostly consist of NPC's and things happening in the environment. Also give everyone a chance to reply before moving on unless its a dialogue or fight involving certain people)


Camp Overlook had an influx of people coming to serve the Republic by helping in exclusive and dangerous Section X. Troopers came from the greatest squads to help push back the enemies. Jedi came to stop ancient evils of the force and smugglers came to find the prisons dark treasures. Each of them had a reason for being there and there was no shortages of help. It was no secret that the Empire was there too. With the Treaty broken and the in full swing both sides had reason to be here. Captain Orkin, an officer of the Republic military stood towards the back of the camp near a separate shuttle that was ready for flight but not in service to the public. His job was to wait for the strike that was called in for a classified mission. He had descriptions of the strike team and was told they would be coming in two groups of two. He looked ahead and saw the first group heading his way. Both of them were dressed in dark robes. It was a surprise neither of them were stopped and asked if they were Sith.

Captain Orkin: Welcome, I am Captain Orkin, Republic special Forces.
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