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Quote: Originally Posted by Khevar View Post
Frustrating? Seriously?

When that EWH PvP player shows up in your HMFP, you're frustrated because he's not wearing Tionese instead?

Is this some purely philosophical point? It's certainly not a practical one.
/palm forehead. Doesn't anyone read a WHOLE post before they make ignorant posts? Hey genius, try going back and reading all of it this time.

Here you go I'll make it easy for you:

Quote: Originally Posted by ChicagoBearsFan View Post
Bottom line... It is more about Player skill than the gear but THERE ARE the people that think just cuz they have PVP gear they are capable of doing all end game PVE content. Is tionese gear better than WH PVP gear... No. Is Some PVP gear better than some PVE gear...yes.
PVP and PVE gear are designed for their respective roles so when someone shows up with the other type of gear it can be a little frustrating to the other members of the team. Is it something to fret over? Usually not. I tend to reserve judgement until I see if they can pull their weight or not. But we have all seen the players show up in the wrong gear that just don't cut it and think it the groups responsibility to carry them. But it does and will continue to happen so there is no use in crying over spilt milk.
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