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Averages reflect the vast bulk of game content. Boss fights are a comparable minority, and a smaller minority yet are ones that severely stress a tank's survival and healer resources. They're out there, but from a time perspective, something like 95%+ of one's interaction with the game falls into encounters where the statistical average is applicable and useful.
It's true that the vast majority of time spent in the game is doing trivial tasks, but I don't think it's worth optimizing gear for that content. If you are in EC nightmare there is no point in optimizing for Soa, dailies, etc. At the same time there are people whose highest level of content covers the whole spectrum of the game. If the most you do is dailies every day then the healing relic and absorb relic may very well be the best for you.

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Luckily, relics are sufficiently easy to obtain that picking up a variety beyond what is best-suited to the average case (e.g. ones that are quite obviously well-suited to a particular tank during spike-damage phases) is not excessively onerous.
This is what I recommend. Keep each type of relic up-to-date in case it turns out to be useful.

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To bring this ramble back to the task at hand... for the vast majority of overall game content at present, one is best served, mathematically, by EWH Defense relics for Juggy/Guardian. For those particular boss fights with highly non-linear damage profiles, one can easily adjust. The number of tanks operating at a level to be concerned about such things is quite small, and a dramatically higher percentage are critical thinkers able to make sane adjustments without too much outside help (progression raiding, especially progression tanking, tends to attract a certain type of person at higher levels of play, and those people are typically more autonomous). It makes the most sense to recommend the most common "best case" to the masses, recognize that there are outliers, and also recognize that most of the people for whom such things even matter are better prepared to see the limitations of the general suggestions.
I am perfectly fine with this (although "vast majority" is an overstatement imo). I only have a problem when people say war hero relics are the best for every imaginable scenario.