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01.24.2013 , 07:32 PM | #1
I've just started to do dailies but now I'm turning to my crew skills for profit. I currently have 3 characters:

50 Juggernaut with:
362 Biochem
400 Bioanalysis
400 Scavenging

50 Sniper with:
400 Scavenging
380 Slicing
400 Underworld Trading

47 Assassin with:
326 Synthweaving
314 Archaeology
312 Underworld Trading

I want to start turning a profit so I'm dropping Slicing on my Sniper for Cybertech but what else should I drop and what should I pick up? In the past I looked at all 3 characters separately but now that I've played a bit I realize that they really aren't separate and I can send different things to different characters.