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01.24.2013 , 07:29 PM | #59
I've just started ignoring them. I play only healers and tanks, and almost all the people who need on crap they can't use are DPS, so I just ignore away. I'll send them a message letting them know that, too.

Seriously, people. If everyone just follows three rules, it will come to an end.

1) Announce at the beginning of the run: Need for yourself, greed for everything else. If someone doesn't agree, kick them, if you are the only one in the group who wants those rules, leave and reque. Don't argue, don't complain.

2) Anyone who ninjas, ignore. Go in Genchat, call their name and guild out. Whenever I hear someone saying someone else is a ninja, I ignore the person they call out.

3) Get with a good guild.

Most of these people who defend need for companions/alts are unguilded and , increasingly, many of them are poor players. I had a guy ninja a mainhand columni from me he couldn't use. Garbage. Couldn't heal worth crap, didn't bother to rez, and singlehandely caused two wipes with his incompetence. I ignored, sent a PM to his guild leader, and went on my merry way.

I no longer care about the specious arguments of the 'need is fine for companions' people. I've been burnt far too many times, and I've seen several people on this board who claim need is fine for companions howl like hypocrites when you do it to them to believe these people are anything but thieves.
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