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I'll say this -- if the guy had asked , I'd have said "Hey, I really need that because I want to move up into better gear". If it had been ANY of the pieces I could buy with Col tokens I probably , honestly would have let it go. I can just get it from tokens which have zero other uses anyway.

But the mainhand is kind of important. Some guy said "just buy a 27 hilt", sorry,not everyone wants to blow that kind of cash or mats. At this point I'm saving for augments for my BH and WZ gear, augment kits, mods for the garbage that ends up in the stock gear, not to mention repair costs from people who can't listen to instructions.

I'll just keep grinding, but if I see anyone from this guy's guild, I'm dropping. If I see the guy, I'm dropping. That's one less tank for your FP and OP's due to this guy.
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