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01.24.2013 , 06:55 PM | #18
Personally i think that anything that is flagged as "Bound" should be bound to legacy eg gear, schematics looted mounts (as they are usually bind on pickup) as sometimes you already have that item on current toon bur may want it on different.

Already have several looted mounts/vanity pets in bank that bound to main on pickup that i have already used that cant do jack with em atm as want them on a different alt.

Also got cartel gear that i boughtand used but didnt colour match properly till i got to current look, but cant sell to gear to junk dealer and cant send to alt as it is bound, i wont just delete items as spent abit on them so atm im stuck with em in my bank as well.

So.... make Bound = Bound to Legacy
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