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Okay I have played around with talents and gear, My assualt spec vanguard in 61 rated gear pumps out 1950.9 dps in pve while playing light movement. Found out how to get my crit with hib to 50% of time, and 41% tech crit, power is about 1000 and surge is at 77% while accuracy is at 98-99%. How did i get my HIB crit so high , using BM gear with 61 armoings to get the eliminator set bonus of +15% and add on to that the smuggler 5%. On parser while pveing im always at the top, pvp i am on the top almost everytime unless there are focus spec jedi using sweep crits in aoe times.

Found that the biggest dps booster in assualt spec tree is picking up adrenaline fueled x2 and dropping burnout 2% tech crit doesn't help much in that my tech crit chance is already at 41% ( not fully buffs , dont have stim or 5% aim bonus buff) I do pick up the 3/3 aim increase from shield tree, also pick up the 9% elemental crit from tactics as well as the blaster augs because 1 point in there give you 3% tech crit.

with adrenaline fueled , the reason why its a dps boost is because the reduce cooldown on reserve powercell, I use it to pop a free incendiary round, i can get a free one every 50% (meaning I have to manage a 3 ammo loss then the next time i need to pop one its free, then i have to manage 3 ammo lost and the next one is free), this helps manage ammo very well as I dont have to hammershot as often. with such a high crit chance, every 1.5 GC im reducing the CD of RPCell down by 6 seconds. Ion pulses do 2k dmg almost always a crit , and plasma cell ticks everyone IP and so ends up doing in total 3.5k dmg per GD with HIB hitting 4.6-4.9k crits every 6 seconds, with additional armor debuffs on mobs/bosses HIB hits for 5k+.

dont mind my english as i dont care, jsut wanted to get this out there as i dont see anything new about vanguards,

Also i tank with my vanguard i have 55% armor dmg reduction, 17% defense chance , 56% shield and 58% absorb (this is with power screen) i have dread guard relic that boosts absorb to 73%. and my shield gives my 85% dmg reduction to energy and kinetic. All 61 mods with hazmat leggings so 63 mods in my pants.

How good is my vanguard or am i sucking balls and should be getting 2k plus dps?