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A good solution may be the option to allow a one time transfer to a server which has very strict regulated rules speech and conduct and BW underline the rules you check the box viola problem is completely solved.

I had to repeat this part it will fix the problem ,sorry for the long post .Sorry about my passion this stuff really bothers me. People that spout crazy things do need to evaluate what they say have some control guys but I don't believe you should be policed unless it's criminal and so far being a jerk is not illegal.
I understand where you are coming from that you don't think people's free speech should be infringed upon. If I understand your sentiment, I believe I agree with you. There's no law, IRL, against being a jerkface. But most people won't stand for anything NEAR what we see online to go on in real life. I think on the internet, there should be the same consequences. And it starts with the community.

No one is talking about suppressing free speech. This is about enforcing rules that are already in place, mind you, so that EVERYONE can enjoy the environment.

And as for your suggestion that people get a one time transfer....I'm afraid that these 'strict regulated rules regarding speech and conduct ALREADY exist. Bioware will take action against offenders if 1.) they are reported, and 2.) the conduct for which they are reported goes against the very clear and easy to comprehend TOS. I always have to have a chuckle when I come across people who make a lot of noise about how they "just don't know WHAT is ok to do or say in a game that has rules like this." It's such a crock and a lie because if you don't know the basics of civilized behavior, then I am very sad for your upbringing. It was kind of the same thing when everyone was up in arms and butthurt over the way Bioware brought down the banhammer on all those players who took advantage of in-game exploits several months ago. The entitlement was RAMPANT. "Wahhh! I got perma-banned for breaking the ruuuulllleeeezzzz....I don't deseeeerrrrveeee it!" People will go to ANY length to excuse and justify their own selfishness. The same applies to disgusting behavior in public channels in an MMO.

So, not only is it not practical for Bioware to police every comment, it's not possible. So, like I said before, it's up to the community to decide if they want a better environment.
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