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I've played WoW for many years(Vanilla -> Cataclysm).
I can definately say that Swtor has a more manture community,people are willing to help,explain tactcs,have more patience etc.
I think that's because the overall age of the players here is a lot higher than WoW.There are many people 25 or 30+ here and while it's not necessary that maturity comes with age,age remains a pretty solid indication.
There will always be trolls and people harrassing others,but at the moment this whole thing is pretty bearable and has nothing,absolutely nothing to do with what was happening in WoW.
Bad news is that ,the WoW community was better in vanilla and declined over the years and i can already see a decline since the F2P launched(Racists/Sexism conversations never took place when i was lvling at launch-at least on my server).
I guess its natural and if that could be the bottom of the barrel for Swtor,it would satisfactory(for me at least).
For the OP:
Since you got a condition history,find a good friendly guild and make friendships in there.It helped me a lot in WoW,couldn't have stayed all these years without my friendly guildies offering a lot of hilarious moments in raids and hcs

For the new people playing the game :
1)Be polite
2)Whisper before randomly inviting people
3)Don't be afraid to tell to your group or guild that you are new to the game and don't know tacts or stuff.
There are always people willing to help you if you stick to n1 rule.