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0/13/28 (Now updated to 0/14/27)
Messing around trying to find new ways to entertain myself with my Shadow... I suddenly came up with this spec out of nowhere. I remember seeing it on "paper" and thinking "Oh gosh, that spec would perform awesome if I think it works the way I want it to!". Well, what a surprise... this spec more than fulfilled my expectations, it surpassed it.

This is a very high-damage dealing spec that features a multiple arsenal of attacks to keep you going and keep you going strong. FiB and Breach, both high internal damage (Yes, this spec utilizes Shadow Technique!) along with the SS proc... this spec is just a pure armour-penetrating build. Also known as 'the backstab' spec.

On top of the high and consistent damage, the force management is great! That's the other part that surprised me. You have so many buttons to press yet you're not force starved entirely. Granted, you must monitor your force like you would as any spec. I'm still working around getting used to this spec but I absolutely love it. The burst literally requires little to no setup and you have the ability to just keep going.


I gave this little beauty a try and man can it deal some damage. I scored my biggest hit yet - 6797k but in a mass group, you can get cut down to pieces extremely quickly due to the lack of survivability -which is a shame. Its a very high damage dealing spec.

Ive yet to manage to get behind my target to Maul and theres a few new procs to look out for but worth a try certainly in WZs like Civil War but Ancient Gates, Huttball it doesnt stand up to much due to stuns unless you;re in a 1on1 battle which in such a small space, isnt always going to be the way , since a pocket healer is always somewhere closeby.

Good fun though