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01.24.2013 , 04:58 PM | #31
I am having the same issue and have had it since yesterday. I submitted a ticket to BW both on the website and in-game. They responded with the standard fixes which either did not apply to me or I tried with no success. It is obvious that something in the patch is affecting certain individuals as I have never had an issue logging into the game and staying logged on for extended periods of time until the 1-23-2013 patch was deployed. It seems like every patch they push out, a certain number of individuals cannot connect or stay connected to the game. If I was a FTP person, it probably would not be that big of an issue to me. But, since I am a suscriber, it's a whole different ball game as I am now wasting money becuase I cannot play due to circumstances beyond my control but in complete control of BW.