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01.24.2013 , 04:51 PM | #5
Just a note, I built the computer I presently use when I got invited to the beta of Swtor (or the beta weekend I should say). The game crashed frequently and it was my video card, not the game. I didn't know for sure because it wasn't an overheating issue, it was just a bad card.

Do some memory tests, ME used to crash on me all the time or I'd have a hard time installing a particular game and it was one bad stick of ram out of the 4 installed in my machine causing the problem.

And once, a long time ago, the PS (brand new) was the issue.

There are some stress tester programs online, you might try them out. I am not saying it's not Swtors problem, because this game isn't super well coded by any stretch, but you might try to eliminate your own machine, especially a new one as the source of the trouble while waiting for a good tech response.