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My personal preference for Guardian tank relics is to use a EWH Defence Relic and a Shield/Absorb clicky relic. I'm currently messing around with the DG vs the Campaign one. While the Campaign has the longer duration, the DG one used at the right time seems to make more of a difference.

All that said: tank stats (and healing stats to a degree) are very separate from DPS stats. For DPS, highest average up time is almost always desirable. Tanking is much more reactionary as such, the added utility of the clicky relics is nice. For example, a 20s clicky DG relic during Toth's frenzy or Foreman Crusher's frenzy is worth more than a 30s clicky Campaign during their normal phases. Now with that said, Guardians already have AWESOME CDs for dealing with those situations (Foreman's 3rd frenzy aside) both of those CDs already being better than a clicky relic.

All that said, when on Kephess (even just for HM, we aren't up to him for NiM yet), I want all the CDs I can get.
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