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01.24.2013 , 04:01 PM | #29
Lol this is kind of a funny thread but it's true. Idk how pub side is but not only the number of bad players but also the number of trash talking "pro wannabes" has seemed to have gotten out of hand as well. I think most people just do wzs for comms but then there's people who sometimes I wonder if they q just to troll or start crap. The majority of people I have on my ignore list I think are from pug wzs. Ziriano and Fightlol to name a few are probably some of the most immature and least skilled players I've came across if you find yourself in a group with them you're better off just re q'ing. Same with Gohuttball although he's not that bad at his class.

Some people just need to learn to get a subscription and save their bs talk for the opposing faction not their own team mates. Overall I think I'd rather have a pub or f2p player on my team then some people because we were all new to this game at one point and some of those recruit geared players or "bads" could turn out to be pretty good in the future granted as long as they know or learn how to play their class well, get better gear, and don't get involved in the silly little "I'm the best suck it" games that seem to be occurring in wzs more often which both looks bad for their guilds and doesn't even make the community look good.