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01.24.2013 , 03:03 PM | #1
for about a week I've been getting wierd lag, my latency is usually around 35, but this past week it's been jumping to 350 around late afternoon, and randomly during the day it'll jump up to 5k and sometimes log me out, once it bumped me out and said that it couldn't find any servers. When I get back into the game there are still a number of players on, saying that they had a little lag, but nothing kicked them out.

I've done multiple speed tests, that say my net is stable at around 11.52 mbps, before, during, and after the lag spikes. When it happens I can quickly log out and stream a movie fairly stable and quick.

I'm a little paranoid about my internet, in the past I had a Netgear router that forced an update, and after that my net was horrible, and the tech told me I'd have to pay $500 in order for him to tell me the answer, I told him he'd have to do it for free for a year anyway if I just went out and bought a $30 netgear router and hung up. I ended up spending $100 for a new Belkin gaming router, it worked great, but I updated it 2 weeks ago, so I'm worried.

I've just spent way to much money and time trying to get stable internet, and I had it, and now Swtor is messing up on me, I've got no idea how to fix it if my router is fine, my internet is fine, but other people arent lagging out like I am.