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From what you posted in the Spoiler- it is this kinda stuff that makes me hate that show now. They ruined the mandalorians, and this is like pouring acid in the wound. They are trying to do way to much with very little, I am not sure that this shows version of Mandalore, Mandalorians, or even the Death Watch is accurate, let alone make canon logical sense. Star wars is great until you start taking great amazing perfect blue skies and try to turn them green... or yellow or something.........

Maul should have stayed dead too, star wars revives its villains way too often, and always picks the wrong ones. Bring back Darth Vader and so help me!!! (threat to episode 7). The only time this was ok was with Palatine. Revan maybe even ok"ish". Maul, Kryat? HK-47.... and how many times was Ventris (the bald white lady) dead in the good old comic books anyways?

Anywhos I feel this whole story line with Maul and his brother was a mistake. The webs around Dooku and Palatine are already convoluted enough.
Exactly, they did, the mandalorians are all gone now, what they wrote for the episodes was fake mandalore, every single one of them, ALL FAKE.