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01.24.2013 , 02:29 PM | #353
I've posted this in another thread, but I'll post it here as well. Here is my advice for further unlocks available for f2p/preferred players:

1-Permanent credit cap unlock (and commendation cap unlock)

The credit cap is crippling for players. We simply cannot buy anything over the cap unless over the top measures are taken. It's not impossible, but it makes everything needlessly difficult. It also does not help the server economy, and I'm sure that the people who are buying cartel unlocks for sale on the gtn are also not appreciating that their prices have to be below 350 in order to sell to anyone who can use it. Think of it this way, your sales of the more expensive stuff like artifact unlocks etc would go up because more people would buy them to put for sale on the gtn.

2-Permanent medical probe unlock

Sometimes it's not a big deal rezzing at a medical post, sometimes it's the most annoying thing (when you've just cleared a full cave of mobs and die and have to re-clear them). In either case, having to pay money for each death is never a good thing for f2p games. A permanent unlock would be a good seller.

Alternately have medical probes recharge, either one an hour, or some per day.

3-Aleviated chat restrictions for preferred members.

1 post every 10 seconds or however long it is is so annoying when you're talking to people on general chat. Most games level lock their restrictions so you have to be a certain level in order to avoid gold trader spam. Have it so that chat unlocks at level 20 or 25, combined with a preferred status possibly. Preventing or hindering communication is MMO is rarely a good thing.

4- Customer support for all players

I think this one is so obvious. If you don't provide support (especially for cartel purchases), you just make your players angry and they leave. You will not receive purchases or further purchases when you piss off your customers (or potential customers).