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01.24.2013 , 02:11 PM | #52
one thing I don't get with this whole needing thing for companions, especially while leveling, is that companions are so very easy to gear. as long as you have a set of moddable armor for them (which is also not that hard to get, as I've been doing that on every single character I have) - you just get appropriate mods and you are golden. (and like it was said few posts above me, orange gear for yourself - same story. I tend to outfit my characters in a set I like them to wear as quickly as possibly, and then I just update the mods, as they level. especially with campaign armoring being what carries the set bonus, I can do that at end game as well.

I don't tend to sweat it if a lose a roll, but I do call out someone for rolling need on everything that drops (usually they either don't know what the button means - and if your lvl 30 flashpoint is your first one, you may not know, or they are trolls to avoid). I don't see loot as my loot until its in my inventory. doesn't mean that people shouldn't be considerate to each other, since it tends to make for more pleasant runs. at least for me it does.