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01.24.2013 , 02:08 PM | #8
Got her today, with Doc. The trick is to attack her until she puts up her shield, and then attack the incoming wave of troopers instead. She'll just stand there for the most part while you dispatch them. Keep Doc alive by taking out his attackers, once they are gone, her shield drops again. Then jump back to attacking Hareth until she puts up her shield again, attack the next wave of troops that show up, watch your and Docs heath, then back to her. After the 3rd wave, she's wide open to attack, and went down quickly for me. Save "Call on the Force" as long as you can, i used it right after the second wave, as things looked as if they were getting a little hairy. Before I figured it out, I was having a tough time with this. Level 42 Jedi Sentinel.