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01.24.2013 , 01:05 PM | #35
Donít get me wrong I have been on a few bad PUGs, but for the most part I believe 99% have been very smooth. Most of the bad ones I have been on have been because of elitist jerks that thought they were all of that. Had a tank quit Taral V once because a dps accidently pulled at the bridge and instead of helping by doing his job he cussed us all out until we wiped. Tank rage quit, we completed the HMFP with 2 dps, my dps companion and my healer without another death. We didnít even skip the bosses since both dps needed gear. Actually saw the tank later on when guild PUG a tank for HM EV run for comms, for an elitist he had no skills. Glad he rage quit or we would have been stuck with not only a jerk, but a jerk my dps companion could out tank.

People should learn their class somewhat before entering group play, so they pull their own weight and can fulfill their role. However, you donít have to be MS. 2000 dps or Mr. 2200 hps to complete a flash point or an operation. I would much rather have someone that knows their abilities and plays with common sense, rather than someone that is only concerned with biggest heal or biggest damage even when standing in the middle of a AoE.

One more thing, if you are someone that finds every healer, tank and/or dps incompetent in random groups you get, then it is time to look in the mirror, if every group you are in stinks, what is the one constant for all those groups?