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Wow, you really aren't on the inside. Solid+ (not even necessarily good) PVPers of computer games all know what a clicker is. New low for you.
*EDIT I guess if clicking my keyboard and mouse makes me a clicker... /me is a proud clicker. That's the thing I'm not specifically a computer gamer. I console game almost as much as I spend on SWTOR, (thats why I do ) So the term clicker is a little foreign to me.

lol i like how this has turned into a flame war between my former guild (who i had given a compliment to for not being bad pvpers) and myself. i have no beef with you guys, even if you did /gkick me (for saying publicly what you say in private all day - the difference is that i dont care who's feelings i hurt). but i can keep doing this i makes enemies as easily as i make friends

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lololol lejgay
know how i know you're 12?
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