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People will be people.

Unlike real life we have an ignore button here. Nothing else will be done unless you report them in game.

I don't understand the point of this thread. Is it just to ***** or do you have some suggestion for bioware to work towards? Please note I will report this thread for deletion like I am expected to do if it is the former just like any other rage thread.
I didn't take it as a rage thread at all. This is exactly the sort of attitude I was talking about: "Get over are too easily offended....nothing will ever change and you are a crybaby for daring to be upset over it..." I really don't understand why anyone would actually report someone for expressing dismay over Internet abuse. It's a really big, bad problem. Claiming that the 'ignore' feature is the answer doesn't actually address the problem. All it does is give carte blanche for the offenders to continue.

There needs to be repercussions for abusive behavior. Only way that will happen is if it's reported by other players when it happens.

I happen to agree with you that trolls can and should be ignored. But abuse, gratuitous foul language, and intentional and ongoing harassment, especially when it happens in public (general chat) should be punished.

For the record, I keep the chat filter on and for the most part I am not bothered by most general chat conversations that contain bad language. Many times these conversations are never intended to hurt others...they just go beyond the limits of talk I deem acceptable speech. It's why I have enabled the handy chat filter. I can still be a part of the general population and not isolate myself. It's when the discussion digresses into obvious hate speech and abuse to others that I take it upon myself to report offenders. That's the cyber bullying and unnecessary bad behavior the OP was talking about and I think needs to stop.
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Are you playing TOR on an Atari Potato?