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I don't know, so far I have a 50 Commando healer and I am in the process of slowly leveling a Sage healer. I went with Sage this time because I can swap to DPS at 50 but leveling up as a healer is really nice as the Sage.

I really only do her Daily PvP quest at this point, but I will probably try to keep her Valour maxed, pain in the ***, but getting to Valour 40 is necessary so you don't continually waste your comms.

You have to move, a lot!. Watch the Sorc video stickied, maybe in the Shadow forum. The way that guy plays, you have to as well. Move a lot, sprint around pillars, back of the ledge on the Alderaan turret platforms, break LoS, you'd be surprised how many people just stop coming after you, but you can also stun them, and then lift them after they waste their get out of jail free card on the 4 second mez.

You will get an instant heal pretty early in the healing tree, but it is pretty meh unless you have stacked a lot of Willpower, and even then it's got nothing on you channeled heals.

Your biggest heal is the one you don't have to do, use bubble. There is that Preservation skill in the heal tree, you'd be surprised how quickly you can throw bubbles up on your team. In under 50 most of the players are deeply, well, poor at PvP. You will often not even be targetted. If the other team is bad I like to test this by standing right in the middle of everyone and healing. Last night we kept the imps from getting through the first door, I stood right in the middle of the door they piled on, got 220k and only had to go around a pillar once. Ya, that was a really bad imp team and it's not a habit you want to get into, but my point is, it's often easy, and sometimes really hard.

Most likely someone will guard you if your team is not equally stupid, that's a huge boon. Heal, interrupt, and bubble, bubble, bubble, knockback, and sprint. I really love Egress in the heal tree but I see it missing from a lot of builds. An important thing, if the person who guarded you is not around, rick click on the buff to get rid of it, it means nobody close to you can guard you no matter how far away the previous guard is.

To tanks, when you move away, release your guard.

Bottom line, my Sage doesn't feel anymore squishy than my Commando did. I think maybe it's a sign of the times. Even if I was set up as DPS they should still take me first, but the big difference is, it is VERY obvious when a Commando is healing, and not nearly as obvious when a Sage is doing so. I mean, there is no great big green line to your target, and you are not just standing with your hand to your ear not doing anything else. I actually feel less squishy at this point on my Sage than I did with my Commando, of course, I did not have all purple gear and stuff when I went through with my Commando, maybe that's the difference.