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I do not necessarily agree with #1. It depends on play style.

If you do a little bit of everything - solo questing, planet heroics, flashpoints, etc then what you said in #1 makes perfect sense because you will very quickly acquire a lot of orange quality gear and cybertech can fill two of the three slots (armoring and mod).

However, if one tends to solo a LOT (does every quest on every planet, and maybe does a flashpoint once in a while), then I would recommend that one pick up armormech or synthweaving (and the skills to feed them) so you can craft armor you can use.

the reason I say this is because I have played both styles.

When I first started playing SWTOR, the game had been out for a couple of months and by then a lot of players had left and there were a LOT of servers that were ghost towns and there was no group finder feature yet. This basically forced me to play my first character mostly solo. What I discovered is that if I kept my crew skills slightly ahead of my level I was able to RE my way to a purple item that would last me a LONG time (sometimes upwards of ten levels); no solo quest reward could compete. And by the time I hit level 50 and could get Tionese gear the level 49 purple crafted stuff was just as good (tionese was usually "optimized" better but not by much).

By the time I started really working my second character, server transfers had been enacted and the group finder feature was implemented, so I was able to do more flashpoints and therefore have access to a lot more orange quality modded gear. Cybertech would have been a better choice but I went with armormech and stuck with it .

My third character I did go with cybertech and yes every piece of gear was orange modded so it worked out well .

Everything else, I agree with.