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Me, I'll keep hanging out with them...for the most part, they are fun people to run WZ's with....except when you get that one guy who yells and stomps his feet while calling everyone bads....yes, that same guy sitting at the bottom of the medals list who only got 3 medals.
I love that guy. I enjoy pointing out the mistakes he/she made in the WZ and have them continue to rage back that everyone else, especially me, are terribads.

Last time this happened, it was an scoundrel in CW who happened to lose a node and didnt call for help. I didnt say anything at that time but after he called everyone horrible, I threw that out + some things about not being able to mez + having their keyboard stunned, you know, the usual troll stuff. he came back with Im the worst shadow dps on the server. I laughed at that since for that wz, my shadow was not only in full tank spec but in full tank gear (i know, shocking lol). After that, I had a great time going to town on him lol.