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If you are running regular WZ' get whatever you get. Bads have a right to play the same as you do. Where did you go when you considered yourself a bad? Oh wait, you were born a good...right?

Queue RWZ's. This is where it sounds like you belong, not hanging out with all the bads who are just trying to have fun in regular WZ's.

Me, I'll keep hanging out with them...for the most part, they are fun people to run WZ's with....except when you get that one guy who yells and stomps his feet while calling everyone bads....yes, that same guy sitting at the bottom of the medals list who only got 3 medals.

Just sayin...
As soon as Bioware enables 4 man or solo queueing for rateds, I suspect you'll have far less issues like this.
Requiring 4 mans isnt too much to ask...solo queueing, perhaps is.

I also want to note that I agree with the OP. I've seen and played through the new wave of bads myself, as this guy just finished leveling 2 weeks ago. Republics were kicking our tails all over the place most days - in part because they greatly outnumbered us in healers 90% of the time. Still, the sad numbers that came out of these derpers (whether they be warriors or PTs) was just stunning. Having 2 healers to none alone doesn't kill you in some warzones, being a terribad DPSer when that's your job, now THAT will kill warzone success.

Also, I'm still stunned that in 90-95% of my warzones, I'm the one marking the first two healers. I don't understand how so many supposedly skilled players don't understand the idea of finding and then killing soft support targets first.

I'm far from a pro player, but the attention to detail alone that I generally exhibit sadly makes me better then the vast majority out there. This is probably why we're getting slaughtered these days.
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