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What's with Jedi covenant owning all the protection/dmg taken spots? Does everyone on that server tunnel the tanks? :P
Haha, well in the case of the high protection games, you could say that the person that the tank was guarding was the one getting tunneled :P. In the case of damage taken, the tank himself is being tunneled.

In my case, whenever I would tank, I would constantly be guard swapping to whoever had the lowest hp/was getting targeted the most. However, after awhile, enemy teams would just all focus on me instead so that my guard swapping/taunting didn't do much. This resulted in lower protection for me, but at one point I was averaging 400k/500k damage taken per game and frequently having over 750k damage taken. Though I don't play much anymore.

This game for example in which I had 700k damage taken(#2 on the list) was over only an 11 minute timespan.(When you look at the score you can see proof of that.)

Actually for whatever reason, all 8 enemies were in the middle(enemy took their side at the start and then had that guy come middle, then one of ours took that side from them because they had noone there.) Even 2/3 of the healers that the enemy team had stopped healing to dps me.

If it had lasted for 20 minutes like a long civil war, I'd of had about 1.3 million damage taken, can you imagine if I'd retained 0 deaths with that much damage taken?

I assume the other tanks with these high numbers also do a lot of guard swapping/get tunneled a lot.

we have some really good tanks on Jedi Covenant. I could name about 9 tanks on our server that are all good enough to make the records for this thread.
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