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^ this guys is also probably one of the people crying that premades need to be banned form pvp lol
Funny, cuz I'm not. Though, I think Rift got it right where premades follow a formula where they look for other premades, first and foremost.

I'm actually one of the people that wasn't against the requirements for HK-51 requiring some FP content and such. I'm not even really complaining that you have to do the content in a group, per se... well, I find it annoying, but I accept it since it's a minor inconvenience.

My real problem is that people seem to think that when a quest says "Heroic" that it immediately means it requires 2+ people. And that's not really the truth in this game, is it? So if the general rule has been that Heroics =/= group content, then stop using that as the basis for the justification for this quest.

I hope this more adequately explains my side of the argument as you seem to have a serious lack of understanding what I was trying to explain.