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01.24.2013 , 11:20 AM | #41
Learning comes in many forms, as we all know. Technical OTJ training is what I do. Ive trained many employees in a highly technical work environment. At work I'm at the "Subject Matter Expert" level. Sometimes human's learn quick and sometimes not.
I started this game with zero MMO knowledge. To say the least it's difficult learning the many aspect's of this game. For the most part peep's here are patient and willing 2 help. I still struggle at times in tier 1 FPs. Personally I think I'm doing well and often i get "good job/ good heals". The few times u mess up it's hard 2 see anything but the bad.
Everybody need's to learn sometime. Not trying to say the OP is wrong in requesting people to learn first but thats also hard not knowing MMO's / lack of official MMO academy.
As I said earlier most all are helpful and encouraging. However yelling and screaming gets worse results(not directed at OP but those in game that do this).
In the real world if u acted like the idiot's that come unglued because someone hasn't learned yet, I would tell management that u have zero skills/ respect and should be fired.
Learning's a great gift but teaching even better. This response isnt directed at u the OP, but more to the creeps that live in this Virtual world so high on themselves. If you got attitude and lack of respect in my world, o I would make u wish u never applied.
I love this game its so much fun. Please be kind and help evry1 learn this game cause I bet even the most eleet raid group has still something to learn.