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01.24.2013 , 11:13 AM | #352
I think they are only actually listening to the people who pay, not the true F2Pers...

Bioware, here's some problems with F2P I'd like to see addressed:
Emote Locks, WHY?!:
Why the hell would you do that, make it so only a very few emotes can actually be used and the rest have to be bought with the roulette machine known as Cartel Packs? Why can't just give them those emotes, or how about putting them in a single pack so they can use them all and not have to pay 20$ HOPING to get that /bow or /kneel emote....
Experience Restriction:
Okay, now, I think I can get behind removing actual Rested bonuses for free to players, but you literally have a reduction of the experience they actually get from quests, and it's ridiculous... You are better than that.
Restrictions in Guilds and Free to Play Guilds:
Bioware has crossed a few lines when they literally created a different kind of guild just for Free to Players, and when they impose major constrictions on subscription guilds. I can't remember the specifics, but other people's privileges should not be impeded for playing with others simply because those other people don't want to pay.
Appearance Permissions:
I have to pay actual money, to buy an unlock so a free to player could sync the color of their gear or hide their helmet? Honestly? That's low....
Authorization: Artifact (and Event) Equipment:
This is literally the one thing that does not actually make this game Free to Play, but Pay to Win. You literally need to pay to put on end-game gear. People will always prefer the person with higher level gear, unless they are known to be less skilled. They don't pay, so that means they have literally no right to an end-game experience?
Race Restrictions:
I think this one is a bit too far, I can agree in some cases... (Sith Purebloods, Miraluka, and Chiss are very specific races, they could be reasonably restricted from free to players) but I think the current system of Human, Cyborg, Zabrak is counter-productive. Mirialan and Twi'lek should also be allowed, but beyond that... I guess I can agree, some races could be restricted reasonably.
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