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Unfuturistic. I guess this is not just relatable to SWTOR but to the movies as well. Everything just seems fake and not inspired by anything that is extremely high-tech. I know for the most part things *seem* futuristic, with coruscant, droids, space travel. But they don't (atleast for me) *feel* futuristic. I'll point some stuff out to help illustrate my point.
I always hate getting into this argument, but Star Wars is not classical science fiction. I know people grew up with it and see shiny space ships and space battles and assume it is but it is actually quite aberrant from most science fiction.

You may be better served by viewing it as part of the fantasy genre. And honestly, their are countless of reasons why but the best illustration is force = magic.

And if you think about it in more depth, how does a hyper drive operate? How do droids possess intelligence? Answer = magic.

How does this differ from classical science fiction? Because it attempts -- sometimes badly -- to back up technology with hard science. For example, we know the mass and size of Ringworld and how fast it spins around the star and the gravity within, we know how HAL is supposedly programmed and how power is generated on the Discovery and ALL of this is actually extrapolations from 1960s physics that is now feasible, we know how holodecks supposedly work and the mechanics of warp drive....

I'm not saying one is better than the other, but Star Wars is VERY unique within science-fiction. At least it was when it came out. It was definitely something different, before Lucas the greats of science fiction (e.g. A.C.C.) were actually worried how their novels would be perceived in scientific communities.

Whedon and Lucas couldn't care less because they didn't create their stories to write a thesis on technology.

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