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Maybe you should actually read what we were talking about. We weren't asking for anything, merely pondering an idea.
Pondering an idea? The poster indicated that "[They'd] like to see representation...". I'm VERY interested in what they mean by that statement in terms of execution. Are we talking about a completely new gender class? Are we talking about removing the gender class and clothing restrictions? Are we talking about simple verbal/text acknowledgements of the existence of these groups and allowing each player to use their imagination with respect to their own (and other) characters?

I lack hostility on such matters, and I'm not going to apologize to anyone for jumping from pondering an idea to pondering an execution.

I also love how everybody is so worried about Bioware's 'ressources' all the time, but only when it comes to LGBT stuff.
I worry about bioware's resources every time I go on the GTN and Cartel Market looking for decent gear for my Inquisitor or Shadow.

I do understand why you'd be paranoid about my motivations, but I really have none that are hostile in this regard. Although I suppose the creepy avatar to my left might bias someone as to my personality .

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