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01.24.2013 , 10:33 AM | #782
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Finally someone had the same problem as me... but you explain better... did you finish the fp without crashes if you choose dark side in it?
I been only on light side inte this fp and it crash to window....
I've had the same problem with Esseles on server: The Progenitor, for more than 2, maybe 3 months now. Every character I use, have 4 level 50's I HM with, get crashed to Desktop when the last conversation begins and The Esseles fly free from the Imp ship. As it has happend a lot for me I can inform that often other team members get crashed to desktop as well, and if those in team who didn't crash with us, don't finish the conversation, then we crash again when restarting it.
If all team members crash, we re-spawn close to the entrance elevator of the bridge and running towards the end conversation simply end the conversation without starting it, and can then access the nav computer to truly end the FP.