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Rule number one is never use master looter in a PuG run.

Why saves people from headaches like these.

I pass on all the gear in these places because i have so little room in my bags all the time i cant stand having to wait 2 hours to trade that cr*p in. But, if i join a SM ops run thru GF ill turn it on master looter 90%. Most of the time your group is like 3/4 geared and there is like 1 or 2 ppl running around with like 13khp. So switch it to masterlooter and make sure one of the more geared players doesn't ninja.

I witnessed first hand a couple of weeks ago 3 guild members in full DG gear take every single piece of loot from one of these runs. Meanwhile there is a poor Sorc (which damn near ever piece was inquisitor) with 14.3 hp got nothing. That's not cool in my book.

Also to the OP it was obviously needed for his companion because your not able to send hilts via legacy(yet). Which is even more BS cause honestly wth do you even use companions for besides crafting or going to sell crap in your bags.