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Ranked pvp, by design, was created for high level of pvp play. A place where organized, competitive and talented guilds could slug it out. It was a place to escape the bitter cold truth of pugs and play with like minded players and guildies who are just as good as you are and take it just as serious.

The problem.....

This game is not competitive because bioware never made anything worth competing for. There are no rewards or "ego stroking" that would be needed for competitive ranked teams. Simple things like unique titles, special armor sets, something/anything for the top % of pvpers and pveers. In turn many of the good pvp guilds and pve guilds have left this game for other things.

The fix......

Make is so that ranked pvp matters. Make it so that by doing it you are somehow working towards a higher goal. Make pve not so bland by spicing up the loot itemization and stop rehashing old zones. Make the **** rare and not craftable by every weekend warrior on the server.

For anyone to say they are a top pve guild or top pvp guild at this point of this game is like conquering your sandbox in your mom's backyard as a 35 year old man. The truth is until this game brings out "incentives" you will find the majority of truly competitive world wide guilds moving elsewhere because this game does not supply them with their fix and fuel for their competitive drive.

For those wanting to do ranked wz they were created mainly for the top guilds on each server. However, because there are so few "top guilds" it a ghost town... and has been a ghost town...and will always BE a ghost town. Kickball style pvp is terribly annoying for competitive guilds because ranked wz's was a way to get away from the pug atmosphere. So I can't blame uncensored for their decision. However, I don't understand how uncensored didn't get the memo a few months back that the ranked scene is dead and has been for many months. So given the circumstance at least kickball was a way to bring some life back into ranked even if it wasn't what it was intended for.
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