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I just got the extra force from the lightening tree, and everything else is in the corruption tree. I keep geared up ( Khem too) and at lvl 23 so far has been smooth sailinbg. But, I always like healers, I have not played my toon that can't heal in many months. Healing just seems to makes battle less of a dps race and I like long CC abilities. The battles seem much more managed and controlled to me as a healer with good CC.

So not much of a hybrid at all for me, I probably will go right up the heals tree now. ...but, I do pve. PVP would be a different story I am poretty sure.

Funny thing, about Sorcs in demand as healers; on fleet somebody sent me a message asking me to heal an FP, but I never PUG anymore, in fact basically I play solo now. So I told them sorry but I don't do that, and they got extremely mad and said nobody should be allowed to play a sorc if they refuse to help groups. So it seems sorcs are quite popular for healing ( though in general healers are quite popular in any case)!
LOL, i play a sorc healer in duo with my wife who is a SM. It is a really strong team. We do not run any content that the two of us can't handle with our companions.

I also get unsolicited invites which I turn down. My experince has been that content that we two man (or man and woman) easily always becomes a challenge and struggle when I run in a four person pug. It amazes me that a two person walk through of a Heroic Four becomes a wipe fest when I do it with three other players.

So we are happy the way we play and play for our own enjoyment and not to satisfy a starnger's needs or wants.