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01.24.2013 , 09:50 AM | #843
Honestly I never take Degauss these days. The breaking ravage root thing would be more persuasive if more maras were speccing carnage, but as it stands? meh. If it did provide immunity for the duration that would be different of course.

I do take the alacrity talent but thats because I feel 4% alacrity is better than 2% endurance and I need to get out of tier 1. After that I take Parallactic Combat Stims, Superheated Plasma, and either the slow or the enhanced stealth scan (since it reduces the amount of downtime on stealthscan when guarding).

After that there's just too many good things in the tree to take over degauss.

Besides we have a cleanse.

Like I said if more maras were carnage it'd be a different story.
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