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01.24.2013 , 09:09 AM | #16
I was wondering what is acceptable if I'm after gear for my offspec. I'm playing a juggernaut and just recently decided to do some tanking (so I don't have to wait ages for queues to pop) and since I only have DPS gear right now I would very much like to need on the warrior columi pieces, but since everyone can see that my current gear is above Columi this would probably seem like a dick move. I should just probably ask, but I'm already making a bad impression because I have no headset and didn't know the operation or something.

And I was wondering, what is the etiquette for needing on non-gear? I'm talking about speeder and crafting mats and the likes. I always pick greed if it's something I can use or want, but yesterday some guy in tionese kept on needing on the nice speeder and some crafting mats. Nobody else in the group said something about that, so I'm not sure. Though I put him on ignore after that. Maybe no one looked who picked what? Since there are a lot of people greeding and the chat window gets long and everything and almost no one there really needed the gear that dropped.