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01.24.2013 , 09:02 AM | #8

Do people really expect me to put on the free tionese set if I'm in full WH? That's total BS. I've ran all the HM FPs and the SM Ops totally fine in WH. I was almost full WH when I hit 50 and and only did PvP until I was full WH because I was too scared to be called some stupid noob if I showed up in tionese with no HM FP experience. After I did some FPs and won some unassembled things I took a look at the columi gear. Almost all of the pieces were worse than my WH set. I only put on the boots and the belt, but replaced them soon enough with EWH/BH.
How is it 'lazy' not to earn your gear if you're doing HM FPs in WH? I've spend a lot of time getting facerolled in the warzones. And the reward for HM FPs is Columi gear. Recruit is better than Tionese. WH is almost better than Columi. I don't really get your problem. If you're having a hard time healing people with Recruit/WH in HM FPs, you're doing something wrong. And you should have problems healing someone with Tionese/Columi.