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Quote: Originally Posted by Graziell View Post
*yawn* again? Everyone beside sorc/dps op does white dmg that hurts.
Big white hits:
Assasin maul, execute
jugger execute, ravage , (impale)
maro execute, ravage, (blade rush)
PT railshot
Merc railshot / full auto
Sniper nearly everything if specced into MM, execute

While shield/absorp is not as good as defense chance, which offers 100% mitigation against the same dmg type, nor endurance, which is the best tanking stat pvp-wise, it is still usefull.
Tanksin wear dps gear because they want to dps and not tank. They just exploit poor design choices by BW.
So basically what your saying tanks that are wearing dps gear is an exploit design flaw from bioware? interesting
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