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Yes thank you for restating what I said while also saying you are correcting me, I'll let you get away with that.
Oh wait, no I won't

And I don't really know jack about DPS operatives but I'm assuming their DPS spec relies on white damage. Powertech has some white damage too I think, isn't rail shot white damage?
It was a correction.

You said it works great against Snipers, but it just makes tanks on par with them. This just works.
Tanking stats do not give even a slight statistical advantage against a Marksmanship Sniper who is the only spec dealing near to 100% of their damage through weapon abilities. It's all about luck in RNG.
If you consider their other specs (Engineering and Fatality) you can't say anymore that they're on par, as a part of their DPS is tech, Snipers get a slight upper hand with these specs.
The word "great" was too much because in the best situation, Tanks do not even get a statistical advantage.

And so, stats works just a bit against Jugg/Merc/Mara depending on the spec, as they are all less depedent of weapon damage than snipers.

And yes, defensive stats are near useless against Operatives and Powertechs.
As the two posters following you stated, Operatives do not use weapon damage unless they can't do anything else, and Powertechs only use RailShot as weapon damage ability, an so, most of the half of their damage output comes from Flameburst, Flamethrower, Rocket Punch, Thermal Detonator, Immolate, Retractable Blade and/or other Tech abilities depending on the spec. When your gear doesn't let you be on par for more the half of the overall DPS, you can as well gear yourself with something else.