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Let's say an enemy player deals 5000 raw, unmitigated damage from Smash. If the receiving player had Guard, 250 damage (5%) is automatically removed. Of the remaining 4750 damage, the player will take 2375 damage and the tank will take 2375 damage (50% split). Once the damage is split, both players will apply their damage mitigation to the incoming attacks separately and individually.
I can confirm that !
We tested it on Tatooine. The incoming damage is reduced by 5% and is then split into two separate parts. Both players (the one guarded and the tank) apply their own mitigation. This considers armor as well as defense (avoiding the dmg at all) and shield/absorb. Which also means that the attack can crit on both targets individually.
However, the "best" conclusion for me is that guarding a sage-healer or a merc-healer doesn't make any difference since it often felt that way.

Anyway, tanks are still too weak in PvP considering the amount of tech/force attacks in the game.

Thanks at OP and especially at xGBox for bringing this up and coming around with some actual facts
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