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While I tend to agree with the OP some, I believe it is more about the person at the KB. Skill definately can overcome under geared toons at times and the same can be said about good gear can overcome bad players at times. But I do have to say that when someone shows up for an op or HM FP in PVP gear it kinda says "I'm to lazy to grind the correct gear, I expect you to carry me".

I don't have a problem with the people who at least have WH or EWH because those are on par with some columi and Rakata gear. What I do have a problem with is the bung-hole tank in recruit/WH mixed gear who endurance stacked augments that thinks he would do better at tanking than an experienced tank in BH/DG with proper dmg. mitigation.

As an end-game healer and tank I can tell you HP are over rated. Just cuz you have 20k HP does't mean you are worth a crap. I would rather have a player with 18k HP in PVP gear who knows how to play over a moron in Rakata/black hole.
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